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Artist Bio

Chad W Greene is an award winning 2D/3D Artist & Art Director living in the US. Chad specializes in both traditional and digital content/artwork.

Digital & Traditional



I have added still shots from my work (lighting) on the Gen 2 trailer from the video game, 'Ark: Survival Evolved' - Click <HERE> to view 


Check out the teaser trailer that we recently released! (Ark: Genesis Part 2 for the Xbox, PS4 and PC) - I was responsible for all of the real-time lighting, done using the Unreal Engine (UE4)


I've created a new way for you to view my portfolio -- you can now 'View by Discipline' to see a collection of work from various projects. New Discipline sub categories now exist for: Art Direction, Lighting, Concept Art and Shaders/Materials


I created a contact sheet showing all the biomes together - I was responsible for the lighting of all these environments  (Ark Genesis - for the Xbox, PS4 and PC)

Ark Genesis Lighting

If you'd like to see more, I updated my portfolio with new work from the Ark Genesis game that we recently completed! Check it out <HERE>


Check out the launch trailer for the new DLC we just released! (Ark Genesis for the Xbox, PS4 and PC) - I was the Sr. Lighting Artist on this game..