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Portfolio / Projects / Ark: Survival Evolved (Genesis - Part 1)

Sr Lighting Artist (I was the only lighting artist on the project)

Roles and Responsibilities - Lighting, materials/shaders on Ark: Genesis 1 (PS4, Xbox and PC game) - developed using UE4

Software/Skills - Photoshop,  UE4

Check out the teaser trailer that we recently released! (Ark: Genesis Part 2 for the Xbox, PS4 and PC) - I was responsible for all of the real-time lighting, done using the Unreal Engine (UE4)

Gen 2 Trailer stills

Eden biome - Tek Trench

Eden biome

Rockwell Garden

Ship - Interior

Ship - Exterior (space)

Ship - Interior

Gen 1 Trailer

I created a contact sheet showing all the biomes together - I was responsible for the lighting of all these environments  (Ark Genesis - for the Xbox, PS4 and PC)

(Above) Ark Genesis Final Cutscene

(All done via real-time lighting in engine - UE4)

(Above) Ark Genesis release trailer (2/25/20)

Arctic biome

(Below) All real-time 3D environments with 24 hour day/night cycle created using UE4

Bog biome

Lunar biome

Ocean biome

Volcano biome

VR Boss biome

End Cinematic

Ark Genesis Lighting
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