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A collection of demo reels, interviews and other projects that I worked on.

My 'Personal Projects' Lighting Reel (UE5)

Ark2 Trailer

Ark Genesis trailer

Ark Genesis - Ending cinematic

Ark Genesis Part 2 - teaser trailer

Ark Genesis Part 2 - launch trailer

Ark Genesis Part 2 - Intro Cinematic

Ark Genesis Part 2 - End Cinematic

Film Reel (Old!)

..focused on films I've worked on.

Games Reel (Old!)

..focused on some of the games I've worked on.

Keebler - El Fudge commercial

I was responsible for creating all of the 3D assets(modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging & animation of the tower)

Comicon '10: Red Faction Community Q&A Part 3

Gamescom 2010 - Red Faction

Here is an interview I did with Gamespot, regarding the Art Direction of this game.

Comicon '10: Red Faction Community Q&A Part 2

RFA Concept Video

This video  is something that I put together during the Pre-Production phase to create a 'mood piece' for the project.

Ryse: Behind the scenes

This video  shows some a behind the scenes look at the making of the game

Ryse - Damocles trailer

Ryse - Launch Trailer

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