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Portfolio / Projects / Microsoft Studios State of Decay 2

< A small sampling of my work >

Sr. Art Director - Microsoft Global Publishing (Xbox)

In addition to partnering with Undead Labs on the in-game experience and visual quality/style -- I worked with Tech Artist's at Microsoft to support the development of the game by doing various tests for performance and also look development of trees & foliage, skies, skin shaders, procedural shaders to cut memory cost and improve the vfx visual quality for fire/explosions and water. Additionally, I hired a team of artist's that were responsible to set dress the world with props, decals and other story telling elements -- and another team that supported the project in the area of animation and rigging.

State of Decay 2 -- Reveal trailer

State of Decay 2 -- E3 2017 trailer

State of Decay 2 -- Official Launch trailer

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